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Drechtsteden’s economic profile

The ambitions of Drechtsteden is to improve its competitiveness while retaining a liveable environment. Spatial and economic planning for Drechtsteden is aimed at rediscovering the region’s identity and looking differently at its function By 2020 Drechtsteden will have developed into an integrated, liveable and coherent urban area, with water and its shorelines as its distinguishing feature. Opportunities for Drechtsteden lie in its shorelines, its accessibility, a rediscovery of water and the creation of a healthy and self-contained work and living environment.

The Drechtsteden set targets in long-range plans. In the plan for the period up to and including 2010, Drechtsteden is committed to creating a high-quality living environment and a strong competitive position. This entails:
  • Promoting employment opportunities
  • Improving the business climate 
  • Strengthening core sectors
  • Strengthening education
  • Providing sufficient high-quality industrial parks and office locations
  • Strengthening the business community’s power to innovate
  • Promoting a broad and differentiated economic structure
  • Renewing the industrial sector and creating space for new activities
  • Improving the region’s profile and image
Regional goals and economy
The municipalities of Drechtsteden design economic policy on a regional level. Goals and projects are laid down in the Regional Long-term Plan for Drechtsteden. The main goals are:
  • Developing Drechtsteden as a strategic partner to the country’s major cities, particularly greater Rotterdam and The Hague.
  • Working together to realise and manage the development of the region
  • Broadening the economic structure
  • Improving accessibility
  • Expanding employment
  • Modernising industrial parks and office locations